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Comment by Darren

Hi Derek, How are you doing ? No didn't get any crazy mail thank goodness :) I'm going to get a new e-mail and not use mine anymore. I'll message you later when I have new mail. Talk later :) Happy playing ! :)

Comment by Darren

Hi Derek, How are you doing? Yes, you are right I'm pretty darn sure I was hacked through FB. I changed all my PW to main sites today. I'll message you later next month. Or I'll say hello here. Talk soon and dance tonight, ha !

Comment by Boaz (Israel)

Great ALBUM !!

Comment by Osada Toru

Hi So long!! Are you fine?

Comment by Ruth Smoker (nee Hay)

Hi Derek. So pleased to see things have turned out so well for you. Loving your music.

Comment by Darren chilton

Hi Derek :) Lots of awesome photos ! Have a great night :)! Darren

Comment by alex

very lovely and cool website, i like your layout of your site

Comment by Chuck Hughes

Chuck Hughes, from the Free Hands book, stopping by to say hello.

Comment by Ozz

Hello Derek, We hope You and those close to You are safe and well. Seeing the devastation on global media You are close to our hearts and are in our prayers. We wish You health and happiness for the future, may you continue to create your stunning melodies for many years to come. All the best, Ozz, Helen, Evelyn and William.

Comment by Clive Grinyer

Great to see the site and great images too. Come and play Wimbledon. All the best. Clive

Comment by John Parratt

Hi Derek Really good to see how things have turned out for you. John

Comment by mahana

3~ Long time no see brother ~m~

Comment by River Waters

Just found your website and your playing blew me away. Is your work available as a download from any of the online stores?

Comment by dave

Ray Dorset eh ! what a ***** ***** ** **** ...I even went to see him a couple of years ago ... Keep smiling Derek

Comment by Andrew Davidson

Wow! From the streets of Bournemouth, where I used to stand mesmerised, watching you play, to Japan. Hope you are well. Your music has become even more fantastic than it was back then. Good luck and best wishes. Andrew.

Comment by Andy


Comment by KAREN MOSS

Hi derek, It's your cousin here!! Long time no speak. would love to hear from you. We have left Oxford and are running a dance school in Devon now - not sure if Janet has kept you informed. I hope you'll contact us Karen and Steve Karen

Comment by Roger Gentle

Will never forget hear the sound filtering through the streets of Worthing back in 06. Never heard anything to touch it since Fantastic! Sadly the CD I bought won't play anymore, it gave up after hundreds of plays. Come back and brighten the Sussex streetswith your magnificient sounds some time soon. Thanks.

Comment by Heather Stanier

Hi - saw you several years ago on the street in Bournemouth - still play and enjoy the CD we bought from you.

Comment by Osada Toru

I'm Osada Toru. I'm worst student at seminar in Hiroshima :P. Really I thank to your kindly. At last night, your songs were moving my heart, so much. It's as same as my 1st experience of looking play stick by Ramuji-san. I'm very happy person, because, I got Stick , and i've meet Ramuji, Kanemaru-san, and you. Thanks for your kindly lesson and your impressive play. I hope to see you again in someday. Your baddest!! student Toru

Comment by Takeshi Yamane

Hello. The seminar of the other day was very significant for me. I talked with you about Stick and other various things, and I came to love Stick more. When I meet next, I want to get possible to play Stick better.

Comment by Helen and Ozz, Evelyn & William.

Hi, how you doing? Just had a look through your site, looks like you been busy. Hope you`re well, When will you be back over this side of the world? All the best.

Comment by Gabriele

Hi Dereck! i like your music and your play-style, particulary SKYLINE... Bye

Comment by Bruno RICARD aka Grozoeil

Hi Derek Great playing, would love to meet you someday. let us know when you come in Europe ( Bye!!!

Comment by cappyc

too good derek wiked stuff we all good here down under

Derek Dallenger

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